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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video Editing in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Need a video edited with music and titles in Indianapolis (Lawrence) 46236 ?

Last week I had a couple college students contact me via email inquiring about have a video to put together for a school project that they needed completed. Unfortunately, they needed to turn it in less than a week from when they contacted me. But, being a student again myself I was compassionate towards their plight and cleared my schedule a couple days later and we dug in on the project together.

I was actually able to complete much of the project prior to our meeting on Friday morning by having them email me the links of some of the interviews that they had already shot and uploaded to the internet. I downloaded them in high quality and arranged them on the timeline in Final Cut Pro where the students requested and created some titles and transitions before we even talked on the phone. They brought some other videos they wanted to integrate into the project when they arrived Friday morning and we sat down and put the video together in a couple hours with music, titles, credits and references, of course.

I really enjoyed working with these students and they were very pleased with the outcome of their project. Being students, I knew that they were on a tight budget...that being said, my time and the use of my equipment still has value. I decided to not charge them for the specifics within the project (titles, music, transitions, etc) but, to simply charge them the hourly rate for editing which is $95/hr. Again, they were pleased and grateful...and I am sure that they received an A+ !

Home Video Studio - shayne@homevideostudio.com

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Choose HVS for Film Transfer

Any film transfer quality comparisons in Indianapolis, 
Indiana 46236

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

File Conversions & Compressions at HVS in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

How do I get my videos converted and compressed to DVD in Indianapolis (Lawrence)

I deal with all types of media and formats here at Home Video Studio in Indianapolis (Lawrence). For example, right now I am capturing video shot on an 8mm tape directly into my editing software (Final Cut Pro) so I can perform some quick edits and then compress the video to a high-quality AVI file. This particular customer wants to be able to edit his own video on a PC, so I recommended that we put his videos onto a hard drive for quick and easy accessibility. There is approximately 6 hours of video which I estimate to be around 75 gigabytes of information. This will be no problem, since the customer brought me a 2 Terabyte hard drive. 
Another project I did recently required me to download previously recorded video that had already been compressed into a flash (.flv) format -This customer eventually wanted a DVD that he could offer for sale to potential clients that were interested in his own brand of  unique selling techniques- Once downloaded, I was able to deconstruct the flash files into a higher quality DV Stream and then import them into Final Cut Pro and perform a few quick edits to the video. After editing the footage, I compressed all files to MPEG-2, which is the DVD format, and then began to construct a custom designed menu for the DVD. Both customers were very pleased with the final version of their projects...I was even able to restrict the copying capabilities of the DVD, so that customer two did not have to worry about people stealing his product by copying it freely. Please contact me if you have any questions about your project.
9423 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, IN  46236

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Pick-Up & Delivery @ HVS in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

How do I get my film order picked-up and delivered free in Indianapolis (Lawrence)?

I received a call yesterday morning from Nancy here at our office on Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. Nancy had seen our advertisement in the VALPAK for film transfer and was interested in having us put a large reel of 16-mm film onto DVD for her. She also told me that she was unable to get out of the house and noticed that we offered a free pick-up and delivery service. "That is Correct!" I said and I proceeded to get Nancy's address. I told her that we use a wonderful courier service around the Indianapolis area and UPS for larger and further distance orders, but when I realized that she lived less than 3 miles from my office I set up a time after lunch yesterday to stop by and pick up her order personally.
Nancy is a very sweet lady who told me her husband passed away a few years ago and she just found this reel of film that he shot and she wasn't sure what was on it, but she was so excited to find out. She was a little worried that the film was too old and deteriorated, but one look at a couple of frames and I was able to confirm that there were clear images and her film would transfer just fine. Nancy had 800 feet of 16-mm film (with of course the 100 ft free coupon she had) which cost her about $110 plus media and set-up charges. She did not balk at the price at all, but she was even more excited when I told her about the Great American Home Movie Project and I could save her even more money by participating.
     Nancy's film will be transferred using our "best-in-industry" frame by frame capture system and then burned to our Gold Archival DVD and put to our 2 hour custom music track at no additional cost, these two standard features are just a couple of reasons to choose Home Video Studio. If you have film or questions about film that you would like transferred, please call or email me.
Home Video Studio ~ Indianapolis (lawrence)
9423 Pendleton PIke, 46236

Monday, February 22, 2010

How long do VHS tapes Last - Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Who Transfers VHS tapes to DVD in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236?
I transfer many VHS tapes for customers and I am amazed at how many of them are deep into the stages of deterioration. I promise, this is not an exaggeration: Videotapes really do degrade much faster than people realize. In as little as 8–10 years, tapes can suffer deterioration, and total life expectancy is less than 20 years. A tape frequently shows a lower quality of picture crispness just after 5 years.
So why does videotape deterioration happen? 
Well, there are three main parts to a videotape:
1. physical plastic tape
2. magnetic particles (iron oxide), which contain the video and audio
3. The "binder," which is glue that holds the magnetic particles to the plastic tape
These particles act like tiny bar magnets and are changed into patterns when the tape passes over an electromagnet during the recording process. When the tape is played back, the patterns are picked up by a playback head and become the video image. Over time, the binder glue weakens. When this happens, the magnetic particles lose their adhesion to the tape.
Why does the binder glue weaken? 
1. Some of the tape is rubbed off every time it is played
2. How the tapes are stored affects the glue also. high humidity, or in a room where the temperature changes substantially dramatically affect tapes. Plus, VHS tapes are vulnerable to sudden data loss resulting from static shock or strong electric fields, such as those generated by TVs and other electronics. 
Even worse, the magnetic particles can become separated from the binder just over time, a process that accelerates as the tape gets older. This happens because as the binder absorbs more and more water from normal humidity, it swells and exposes more surface area – absorbing even more moisture.
What are the signs of a weakening binder?
1. Faded color and audio changes.
2. The timing and color signals that the tape outputs to the VCR also start to fade. 
3. Straight lines begin to look a little wavy, rolling lines can appear on the video, and the picture can start to jitter because your VCR has trouble picking up the necessary signals.
Eventually, a tape will become unwatchable and the video completely gone. This happens when it clogs the playback heads of a VCR or camcorder. Want to know how to fix your VHS tapes? - Or bring them to me at Home Video Studio
I hope this helps you understand that the vulnerability of videotapes make them the most unsuitable media for long-term storage of precious video memories. Which is why I strongly recommend you convert your tapes to DVD as soon as possible.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Professional Video Editing in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Need video edited for website in Indianapolis?

In the past week I have edited videos for two different local business women looking to condense some footage they had recorded and then compress to a format that could easily be placed on their respective websites. Both Carol and Kathleen brought me videos that were roughly 40 minutes and they wanted the dead spaces cut out and all the edges and transitions smoothed to allow for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Kathleen's video was of two procedures that she performs on a daily basis and she wanted to be able to point potential customers to her new website to view the process and address concerns before buying. She was very pleased with the result and is interested in having us reproduce these videos in the future with more of a focus on sales instead of the videos just being informative.

Carol's intent with her video was to have me create a demo DVD with a compressed web format version for her website that she could use to get more opportunities and attain new business. I put a title in the front for Carol and programmed the DVD to bypass a menu and play the track (her demo) first when inserted into a player and then at the end of the demo her contact information would automatically pop onto the screen. Carol was pleased with her project as well and I believe it will get her more opportunities and in turn she may need a new demo soon.

For both women I compressed a web version of their videos into a high quality MPEGP-4 format and tweaked the parameters for web streaming so they could easily upload and potential customers could easily download and view their new videos. At Home Video Studio we edit video using Apple's Final Cut Studio Pro which is quickly taking over the entire movie making industry.

Come See me at Home Video Studio - Indianapolis (Lawrence)
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Super 8 film transferred to DVD in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

How do I digitize my parents old film?

Angie from Indianapolis (Lawrence) stopped by to see me at Home Video Studio on Pendleton Pike last week to discuss transferring her Grandfather's old Super 8 film to DVD. She said her Grandfather was doing well but fighting and winning a battle with cancer and she wanted him to be able to enjoy these old movies that he had filmed. Angie brought in an average amount of film that she wanted transferred. I think we totaled it up around 3700 feet which would require 3 DVDs and would be almost 6 hours of video.

The price was a little more than Angie and her family had wanted to pay, fortunately for her we were running a special for Valentine's Day and I was able to give her an additional 10% off her order. On top of that, I introduced her to The Great American Home Movie Project that Home Video Studio was undertaking this year. Angie was very excited about the GAHMP Project and because she was willing to participate I was able to knock another $75 off of her order. Now she and I were both happy! I look forward to showing Angie her final DVDs and I know she cannot wait to share it with her Grandfather and the rest of the family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audio Cassette Tapes Transferred to CD in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

How do I transfer audio cassettes to CD?

Today I met with Richard from Indianapolis  who brought 20 audio cassettes and one VHS tape to transfer to CD and DVD. He wanted some of his old favorite music videos on the VHS tape put onto our Gold DVD so they would last forever, this was a task I could do easily for him. I charged him $19.95. Then we discussed his audio cassettes and unfortunately I could not transfer 6 of his tapes due to copyright laws. The good news though, was I could do the other 14 tapes because they were tapes he had made himself, some were music and some voice overs. I generally charge $29.95 per audio cassette (can be very time intensive), but since Richard had more than 10 tapes I was able to reduce the price to $24.95 each which included titling on the CD and track selection. He was very pleased at this price.

Richard also asked about transferring those little VCR tapes know as VHS-Cs.  I told him that we at Home Video Studio specialize in that and I would love to help preserve those memories for him.  I love being able to promise a great product and produce a great product.

Our Home Video Studio is in the Indianapolis (Lawrence) area:
9423 Pendleton Pike, 46236

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Understanding PAL and NTSC

What's the difference between PAL and NTSC?

PAL and NTSC are the video and broadcast standards used throughout the world. NTSC is primarily the North American standard, and PAL is mostly associated with Europe and Asia. The two standards are different enough to present a lot of problems when trying to convert between the two. Have you ever exchanged home videos with a relative in another country only to discover that the videos will not play? That's likely due to the differences between PAL and NTSC.
The main differences between the two actually stem from the power used for the television and video displays. NTSC is powered by a 60 hertz source, and PAL is powered by a 50hz source. The technical implication of this is that the video is output at 60 and 50 
fields per second, and once it's interlaced, it results in NTSC producing 30 frames per second, and PAL producing 25 frames per second.
Also, PAL and NTSC use different resolutions. PAL broadcasts contain 625 lines of resolution, while NTSC contains only 525.

When trying to play PAL media on an NTSC set or vice versa, strange things can happen from no video at all to clipped frame rates, and distorted images.

There are different methods of conversion that accomplish the PAL/NTSC standards change and they vary in quality considerably. If you have PAL or NTSC video that needs to be converted, contact me at Home Video Studio today. We have the high-end tools along with many years of experience converting video for the most discerning broadcast and corporate clients in the world.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Video Photo Montage - Indianapolis

What gift to get for Valentine's Day?

This year why not suprise that special someone with a Valentine’s video photo montage. Just select 30 favorite pictures and two romantic songs and have Home Video Studio create a unique one of a kind gift for your Valentine. They can even add your personlized message at the end. Your Valentine DVD will last forever and both of you can enjoy the memories over and over again. This is a cupid approved gift giving idea.

Call HVS at 800-274-5642 to set up an appointment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking to Convert Film to DVD in Indianapolis area

How to transfer film to digital format?
In most of our attics or basements we all have boxes full of 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film reels that are collecting dust. These reels hold the cherished memories of your childhood or your kids’ childhood. They’re memories you don’t want to forget and yet they sit up there gathering dust and wasting away to the point that soon you won’t be able to watch them ever again. Most people don’t consider the fact that time and that very dust that fills the attic can destroy the evidence of those memories we enjoy so much.
It’s a fact: film breaks and gets brittle with age. The images we knew and loved will fade and change color over time. It’s for this reason many people are making the smart choice to have their old pictures and film transferred into a digital form. Film and video preservation specialists can not only combine your boxes of film and reels into this modern, high-quality digital format, they can also improve the images by making minor repairs and splicing brittle film that’s broken over time. They have the technology to remove color casts of red, yellow, or blue so that your memories will be restored to their original quality. They can also reduce noise, synchronize frames, and correct over- and under-exposure.
The transfer process uses an aerial capture method that incorporates a 3CCD camera. By using this combination, the technicians are able to produce a digital version of your home movie that is extremely high quality, flicker-free, and in perfect focus (as long as it was shot in focus). Instead of a real-time copy, the processors go over the film frames one by one, digitizing each frame and reassembling them into a digital version that has no interference. People who remember the flickering, bouncy movies of their childhood will love the new, movement-free version they get when they transfer film to digital.
One of the drawbacks to the old 8mm, 16mm, or Super 8films is that the reels allowed for 3 to 4.5 minutes worth of filming, which meant you needed many reels of that type of film to properly capture a family event. But now, as an added bonus, when the technicians transfer film to digital, they can trim, join, and rearrange the film clips to consolidate those multiple small reels into larger ones for ease of storage. They can even create a custom slideshow complete with navigation menus, titles, and special effects which you can online with family and friends who live in far-off places.
Don’t be the reason you lose the memory of your child’s first steps. The longer you wait, the more chance there is that dust and lint are destroying the quality of your family’s happiest moments. Preserve those happy times through film transfer to digital so they will last a lifetime and beyond.
For more information about film transfer to digital, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-274-5642 or email them today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Can I take my mini dv to a store to convert it to dvd?

How to convert mini DV to DVD?

Yes. However, keep in mind that although you can bring your tapes to Walgreens, Costco, Rtiz Camera, Rite Aid, and CVS none of those stores actually do the conversion to DVD onsite.  They send your videos off to a 3rd party to be converted for you.  This can be convenient, but with the Home Video Studio video transfer service you can go straight to the source for the best price, quality, and care of your tapes.  HVS has locations all over the world and they originated in Indianapolis, Indiana

At Home Video Studio we can convert your mini DV and burn it onto a Gold Archival DVD with chapter markers and scene selection for $19.95/tape. The entire conversion process takes place directly in the studio of your choice!
We take great pride in what we do and have outstanding customer service.  Feel free to contact us, we pick up the phone right away, respond to e-mails quickly, and offer free pick up and delivery.  We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started converting Mini DV to DVD.

Let's talk Film Transfer

How do I get my film onto DVD?

Standard 8mm film is also commonly referred to as Regular 8 mm filmDouble 8 mm film or simply as Standard-8 or Regular-8. Standard 8 film was the original film format designed for the home movie market, and provided a cheaper alternative to the 16mm film format. It was originally developed in the 1930s..
Do you want to know how much video (in minutes) your film is? Check out this cool Film Calculator from Kodak

Who can convert Super 8mm & 16mm film to digital?

8mm film to digitalConvert Super 8mm and 16mm film to digital with Home Video Studio's film transfer service.  You can get DVDs made quickly 
with customized titles, chapter markers, menus and more!
Home Video Studio.com specializes in preserving family home movies.  Home Video Studio uses the latest digital film conversion technologies for the best quality film transfers!  Film is converted utilizing a frame-by-frame process that removes the flashing effect caused when played through a projector in your film to DVD conversion.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Movie Review - The Hurt Locker

As I watched this movie last night (while pausing to engage in phone conversations with women from lives past and present) I was not only drawn into the story and the reality of which it was conveyed but also into the irrationality on display in the characters. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break, 1991) and beautifully written by Mark Boal, who is a relative newcomer (The Valley of Elah, 2007), The Hurt Locker  becomes an unrelenting roller coaster that never climbs too high or falls too far and always allows the viewer to catch their breath, if only for a second. The story centers around Army SFC James, played by Jeremy Renner (28 Weeks Later), and involves an elite team of 3 bomb squad soldiers hanging on to a foretold glimpse of sanity in a world where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a bomb. All three characters are played wonderfully and while all contend with their familiar predicament in different manners, they are all forced to believe that they trust each other and yet know they only trust themselves.  Bigelow and Boal guide the viewer through intense missions never allowing a daily schedule or structure to reveal itself and therefore keeping the viewer off balance the entire movie. As a 6 year veteran of the Army, I am more than familiar with this reality, also known as "organized chaos". This movie is a fairly unbiased attempt to portray war in Iraq and the American men (I know that many women fight in the war; this was not their story) who live this war on a daily basis. The film allows the viewer to be a part of their hellish drama without making political references or statements and without drawing conclusions. It is a documentary not shot in a documentary style, it is the culmination of a vision that maintained its sight fixed on the target and it leaves the viewer with a sense of journalistic integrity not often found in cinema. Definitely see this movie! I give it a score of 94/100 - I score this way because I score wine this way... look for my wine reviews.

Oh yeah! just because a wine and a movie have the same score, does not mean they will pair well.
Check This Out:  The Great American Home Movie Project

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VIDEO, the question

To transfer, or not to transfer, that is the question:
Whether 'tis VHS or 8mm to convert
From then to now become lost unfortunately,
Or to lay waste to a sea of memories
And by ignoring end them. To fade - decay,
No more; and by decay we say we end
The wonder the family preserved
That film is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to avoid. To fade, decay;

More information here:
Home Video Studio - Indianapolis, Indiana