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Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's talk Film Transfer

How do I get my film onto DVD?

Standard 8mm film is also commonly referred to as Regular 8 mm filmDouble 8 mm film or simply as Standard-8 or Regular-8. Standard 8 film was the original film format designed for the home movie market, and provided a cheaper alternative to the 16mm film format. It was originally developed in the 1930s..
Do you want to know how much video (in minutes) your film is? Check out this cool Film Calculator from Kodak

Who can convert Super 8mm & 16mm film to digital?

8mm film to digitalConvert Super 8mm and 16mm film to digital with Home Video Studio's film transfer service.  You can get DVDs made quickly 
with customized titles, chapter markers, menus and more!
Home Video Studio.com specializes in preserving family home movies.  Home Video Studio uses the latest digital film conversion technologies for the best quality film transfers!  Film is converted utilizing a frame-by-frame process that removes the flashing effect caused when played through a projector in your film to DVD conversion.

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