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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video Editing in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Need a video edited with music and titles in Indianapolis (Lawrence) 46236 ?

Last week I had a couple college students contact me via email inquiring about have a video to put together for a school project that they needed completed. Unfortunately, they needed to turn it in less than a week from when they contacted me. But, being a student again myself I was compassionate towards their plight and cleared my schedule a couple days later and we dug in on the project together.

I was actually able to complete much of the project prior to our meeting on Friday morning by having them email me the links of some of the interviews that they had already shot and uploaded to the internet. I downloaded them in high quality and arranged them on the timeline in Final Cut Pro where the students requested and created some titles and transitions before we even talked on the phone. They brought some other videos they wanted to integrate into the project when they arrived Friday morning and we sat down and put the video together in a couple hours with music, titles, credits and references, of course.

I really enjoyed working with these students and they were very pleased with the outcome of their project. Being students, I knew that they were on a tight budget...that being said, my time and the use of my equipment still has value. I decided to not charge them for the specifics within the project (titles, music, transitions, etc) but, to simply charge them the hourly rate for editing which is $95/hr. Again, they were pleased and grateful...and I am sure that they received an A+ !

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