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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audio Cassette Tapes Transferred to CD in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

How do I transfer audio cassettes to CD?

Today I met with Richard from Indianapolis  who brought 20 audio cassettes and one VHS tape to transfer to CD and DVD. He wanted some of his old favorite music videos on the VHS tape put onto our Gold DVD so they would last forever, this was a task I could do easily for him. I charged him $19.95. Then we discussed his audio cassettes and unfortunately I could not transfer 6 of his tapes due to copyright laws. The good news though, was I could do the other 14 tapes because they were tapes he had made himself, some were music and some voice overs. I generally charge $29.95 per audio cassette (can be very time intensive), but since Richard had more than 10 tapes I was able to reduce the price to $24.95 each which included titling on the CD and track selection. He was very pleased at this price.

Richard also asked about transferring those little VCR tapes know as VHS-Cs.  I told him that we at Home Video Studio specialize in that and I would love to help preserve those memories for him.  I love being able to promise a great product and produce a great product.

Our Home Video Studio is in the Indianapolis (Lawrence) area:
9423 Pendleton Pike, 46236

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