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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Professional Video Editing in Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Need video edited for website in Indianapolis?

In the past week I have edited videos for two different local business women looking to condense some footage they had recorded and then compress to a format that could easily be placed on their respective websites. Both Carol and Kathleen brought me videos that were roughly 40 minutes and they wanted the dead spaces cut out and all the edges and transitions smoothed to allow for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Kathleen's video was of two procedures that she performs on a daily basis and she wanted to be able to point potential customers to her new website to view the process and address concerns before buying. She was very pleased with the result and is interested in having us reproduce these videos in the future with more of a focus on sales instead of the videos just being informative.

Carol's intent with her video was to have me create a demo DVD with a compressed web format version for her website that she could use to get more opportunities and attain new business. I put a title in the front for Carol and programmed the DVD to bypass a menu and play the track (her demo) first when inserted into a player and then at the end of the demo her contact information would automatically pop onto the screen. Carol was pleased with her project as well and I believe it will get her more opportunities and in turn she may need a new demo soon.

For both women I compressed a web version of their videos into a high quality MPEGP-4 format and tweaked the parameters for web streaming so they could easily upload and potential customers could easily download and view their new videos. At Home Video Studio we edit video using Apple's Final Cut Studio Pro which is quickly taking over the entire movie making industry.

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